Tuesday, 7 June 2016

M is for Magpie

 "The Cunning Prophet". Occult knowledge, can open the door to the Spirit World, use of everyday ritual, jack of all trades and master of none, witch's  familiar

The Magpie is common in European folklore and superstition. Generally speaking, the bird is associated with unhappiness and trouble. 

This may be because of its well known tendency to "steal" shiny objects, as well as its harsh, chattering call. In many parts of the United Kingdom spying a single magpie is considered an omen of bad fortune and saluting the magpie is a way of showing the proper respect in hope that the magpie won't pass on some of the misfortune that follows it. As magpies usually mate for life seeing one on its own is as sign of sorrow because it's lost it's mate, whereas if you see two it's is a sign of joy as it's with it's mate. This is why when you see a single magpie you ask after it's wife, thus suggesting it has a mate and is in fact happy. 

 -- Spiritual custodian of cultural rule and law. Home protection. Making new friends. Gossip. Attacking people behind their back. Paranoia. The beauty of song. Aggressive territoriality. Attack.

Please remember that if this animal is contacting you, it will often be the best resource for teaching you what its lessons are. What I write is only intended to be a guide, it is not absolute, nor is it infallible.

- The magpie teases eagles and other predatory species in front of its magpie friends, in order to win higher status, better mates, and sometimes simply for the risk of it. Magpie represents risk-taking for prestige and daredevilry. It might be time in our jobs or among work mates, to take risks in order to win favours. It might also be time to be a bit of a daredevil, and face the fact that sometimes we have to put ourselves on the line around others in order to grow. We can't just take risks when no one's looking.

- The magpie comes into our lives to tell us to focus on our homes, is our home protected?

 Do we have the luxury of material security? Magpie brings these aspects into focus.

- Magpie is an animal that comes into our lives to tell us that it's okay to have irrational fears. Magpie helps us confront that which we irrationally fear, and does so in a gentle and compassionate manner.

- Magpie, with their dualism of colour and representation in culture as both a good and a bad omen, represent duality and binary opposites. The specific focus on this duality tends to be on a reconciliation of emotional or spiritual opposites. It is time to balance opposing emotions, like anger and compassion, or spiritual opposites, like the mysteries life and death.

- When magpie comes into your life, chances are there are a few wights (spirits) in your life as well. Magpie represents wight-attraction, and might imply a time in your life where you might be more obsessed with faeries, and goblins, or unicorns and dragons, far more often than usual.

- The magpie has long cultural links with witchcraft and many aspects associated with this. In particular, the magpie is associated with omens, prophecy and divination. When magpie comes into your life, it might be time to start strengthening these aspects in your spiritual life, or alternatively it might be time to start paying attention to the omens, dreams and hunches you might be getting.

- Magpie comes into our lives to either represent that part of ourselves that collects and hoards bright shiny thoughts or objects, or to suggest that we might want to start collecting the things we value, instead of leaving them in shopping centres, or in books.

- The magpie is the cunning prophet who comes into our lives in order to help us to use prophecy and divination in ways which are clever and even stealthy. We are able to divine for great personal gain, and the gain of others, with magpie as a guide or a spirit guide.

- Magpie teaches us to take joy in the process of change, to recognise that it is not a laborious event, but something to look forward to as it will very likely bring a new and exciting nourishment to our spirits, that we would not have had without the change. 

Let go of the old! Bring in the new! cries magpie.

- Magpie is an excellent muse for those who are creative with words. In addition to this, magpie - with its complex language of body and vocalisation - represents the significance of voice.

 It is time to understand the impact of your voice and your speech upon others, and the impact of other people's speech, tone and words on yourself.

- Magpie is a greatly magical creature, and tends to confer spiritual protection upon you once it enters your life.

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