Sunday, 14 August 2016

P is for Panda

Panda--- Eastern hemisphere connection, understands moving at a careful and slow pace. A solitary lifestyle and happiest when living by themselves. (Relationships can be acquired and maintained but only if a partner respects the need for privacy and sacred space) 

 Being forced to rely on your own intuition for guidance. (Although the panda feeds on bamboo its digestive system is that of a carnivore and so the animal is unable to digest cellulose, which is the main constituent of bamboo.) 

Problems with the digestive system and may indicate a need to adopt a personally designed diet that provides more nutrition. Staring down an opponent in confrontations. Problems with adapting and issues related to fertility.
  • Red Panda -- Being happiest when the people and community around you is content, introverted but still involved in community ventures, the value of gentleness, tree wisdom, tree related divination., the power of touch, rejuvenation when alone, providing wisdom to a community while remaining apart from it. Studying the healing properties of plants and herbs, play more and worry less.

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