Friday, 2 December 2016

North of the Wheel-the Elders

 This is the place where you drop your robe or transition to being Spirit once more.

It is the vibration of The Adult

 The Elders, reside in the North. The North is the place of giving back or sharing your wisdom with others.


The buffalo, wolf and horse are  the totem animals of the North. When the buffalo lays down its life the people are sustained. Every part of this splendid creature is used when this happens. Nothing is ever wasted. Because of this buffalo is a supreme teacher of the giveaway.
 What you gestate in the West gets developed in the North. It is then birthed in the East and comes into fullness in the South. You then come full circle to the West once again where you now reap or harvest what you gestated, developed, gave birth to and nourished into fullness during the previous seasons of the year. It is a full and complete cycle.
The seasons of Nature help us to have: balance, healing, peace and joy if we look to the lessons of each season, understand them and apply them to our lives.

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