Sunday, 20 March 2016

We all have a power animal

Power animals -which is an American Northwest term for spirit helpers in animal form- have specific skills and strengths that vastly out measure ours, such as fearlessness, strength, and patience: powers that we can use to help ourselves, as well as serve in bringing healing to others. So-it is useful to know a spirit helper in animal form can provide protection, guidance, or transportation.

Each of us has at least one, and more commonly a number of such spirit helpers waiting for us. To find them and ask for their assistance, we often journey to the shamanic lower world. They want to help us and bring their special powers to us . They can also travel with us,
guiding, protecting, and providing us with information. As is the case with our upper world teachers, these animals may also test you to determine the sincerity of your bond with them and the purity of your heart.

Do you have an affinity with a particular kind of animal? 

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