Friday, 1 April 2016

Ape as Power Animal

 Want to know the secrets of APE as  an ally?

Here are some of the gifts

-Effective use of the voice, willing and able to communicate, communication through gesture and expression.
 Imagination and extended childhood. 
 Problem-solving, wisdom, survival, inspiration.
 Loyalty, leadership, compassion, intelligence, dignity, strength, responsibility, nurturing, connectivity. 
Nobility and honour. 
Temperance, understanding and compassion. Symbolizes the need to take action



  1. I'm not familiar with the ape as a power animal! I'm looking forward to maybe finding mine!!

  2. if you have a strong affinity with an animal, it is often a sign it is a power animal..although I am thinking in terms of a wild animal/bird/fish, rather than cat or dog.

  3. Your theme is interesting and good luck with A-Z challenge.