Thursday, 28 April 2016

X- hmmm

Surprised to fund so many animals begin with 'X'...decided to simply share a list today.

Xenop : a rainforest bird    Image result for Xenop picture

 Xerus: a kind of African squirrel 

 Xantus: a yak

 Xenopus: a frog   

 Xantusiidae: a type of night lizard

 Xenicidae: a family of wrens found in New Zealand

Xuanhuasauru: dinosaur with a beak... 

 Xenoposeidon: more dinosaurs!

Xenopeltidae: sunbeam snakes 

 Xenipirostris: a genus of birds from Madagascar 

  Xenarthra: a superorder of mammals found in the Americas... includes some sloths, anteaters, and armadillos 

  Xinjiangovenator: yet another awesome dinosaur

   Xanthareel: a yellow eel 

   Xenomys: a type of Mexican mouse... no joke.

Xanclomys: a small mammal from the Paleocene of North America. 

Xantus murrelet: a small seabird  in the 'Calif. Current' system in the Pacific Ocean. 

Xantusiidae: family of night lizards. 

Xeme: an Arctic fork-tailed gull. 

Xenarthra: a mammal in South America. 

Xenicidae: a family of New Zealand wrens. 

Xenipirostris: genus of birds from Madagascar. 

Xenopeltidae: family of reptiles including sunbeam snake- Xenopeltis. 

Xenomys nelsoni: rodent in Mexico

Xenons: a slender-billed rain forest bird from the Americas. 

Xenopterygii: order of fishes including clingfishes. 

Xenopus: a South African clawed frog. 

Xenurine: a species of armadillo; a cabassou. 

Xenurus unicinctus: an armadillo native of the tropical parts of S. America. 

Xerarthra: mammal related to sloth 

Xerus: a type of ground squirrel from Africa. 

Xiphias Gladius: a swordfish. 

Xiphosuran: a horseshoe crab. 

Xoloitzcuintli: a Mexican hairless dog, a.k.a. Xolo.

having fun with X yet?

Very curious as to what others blogged about this letter.

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