Friday, 8 April 2016

G is for Giraffe

Giraffe is a gentle creature who sees life from a unique perspective.
The tallest of the animals, she is afforded a view from an exceptional height, while her broad stance maintains her strong connection to the earth.
Giraffe has a huge heart, and with all her being, she perceives heart’s dimension, seeing and feeling the heart connections between herself and the entire web of life.
In leading you on this journey, she gives you an opportunity to ask for help and cooperation.
She knows that there are only loving relationships in the realm of the heart, relationships in which each being nurtures the flame of every other being.


Although related to the dimension of words and actions, the dimension of the heart is completely independent.
 Giraffe reminds us to make regular trips to the heart dimension to honour and affirm this network of loving light. The more we practice viewing our everyday communications and interactions within the context of this loving web, the more accessible, and clearly manifest the network becomes.

Giraffe also bestows this gift: the knowledge that your heart is a place in which only truth can reside. Whenever you speak to another being, a simultaneous conversation takes place in the heart dimension. It is a conversation of truth, and this, from the perspective of your soul, is what truly matters.

 Each of us has at least one, and more commonly a number of power animal  helpers waiting for us. To find them and ask for their assistance, we often journey to the shamanic lower world. They want to help us and bring their special powers to us . They can also travel with us, guiding, protecting, and providing us with information. As is the case with our upper world teachers, these animals may also test you to determine the sincerity of your bond with them and the purity of your heart.

Do you have an affinity with a particular kind of animal?

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  1. I've always felt a certain affinity for wolves. They are cunning and powerful, expert hunters and understand the necessity of the pack.

  2. Giraffes are just so beautiful, I could stare at them for hours. They're like artwork!

  3. I love giraffes! There is something stately yet gentle about them. Sue @Sizzling60 from
    Sizzling Towards Sixty

  4. I enjoyed your post about giraffes! I love watching them, and have a painting I've done of one. I believe you're right, that everyone has a spirit animal. Mine is not the giraffe, even though I admire them, mine is the tiger. :) Wishing you the best on your A to Z journey!

  5. I do feel an affinity for giraffes. I did not know there was a shamanic connection with the heart. I've been working on my heart chakra in recent weeks.

    1. giraffes have so much grace, which I consider to be a heart chakra quality- what do you think?

  6. I totally see why they would be affiliated with the heart. I just had never thought of it.