Saturday, 30 April 2016

Z is for Zebra

For experiencing a profound integration of the opposites within oneself.
Provides support for moving beyond black-and-white thinking, and for letting go of projections.
 For seeing the real truth behind what might at first seem masked or hidden.
Supports one in maintaining one's individuality in group settings.
Nurtures a sense of community, togetherness, and cooperation. 

- A symbol of individuality. When a zebra appears in a dream or meditation, it teaches you how to maintain your individuality even amidst a crowd.
 As a totem or power animal, the zebra can teach you how to use your mental ability to work around any problems or obstacles and still maintain your inner balance.

Are there times when you can only see things as black or white?



  1. I had to read this post. My young niece favors zebras, and this is very appropriate for her! At 7, she has proven very intelligent and musically talented, yet she struggles with some ADHD and mild cerebral palsy. She is definitely truly a unique combination of opposites within herself!

    1. you are lucky to have each other. I wonder if she will compose a zebra song?

  2. Love your interpretation of the zebra :)