Friday, 22 April 2016

S is for Sparrow

Sparrow aids in opening the eyes to our self-worth and instills dignity and empowerment.
 He teaches the importance of voice and communication and the timing of exertion and retreat.
 It is time to sing your song in all that you do.
Sparrow teaches cooperation and sharing responsibilities whether at home or work.

 Are you helping or should you be helping or working more in some area of your life?
Sparrow aids in survival instincts by sharpening intuition to make proper choices. He will bring to awareness any old tendencies so that you can realize the newer more conducive means of being.
Sparrow teaches assertion so that you may survive in spite of any circumstances with a balance of joy and empowerment.

The local sparrows love the bush just outside my window- there seems to be a party going on in there every day.

 Are you ready to be like Sparrow?

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