Saturday, 9 April 2016

H is for Horse

Wild Horse --As a tonic of the heart, nurtures a sense of loving openness, belonging, and connection with others.
 Supports one in developing a deepened sense of self, nurturing strength, stamina and power in the depth of one's heart. 
Gently opens the Heart chakra. 
Provides support for those who are lonely, depressed, and have "lost heart.


Common Symbolic Meaning of Horses

  • Power
  • Grace
  • Beauty
  • Nobility
  • Strength
  • Freedom
The Horse symbol meanings of power are widespread through most cultures, and it is seen as an emblem of life-force.

native american imagery and art | NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS~ horse:

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Do you know any  local  folk tales about horses?


  1. I grew up in Okalhoma, USA. It is known Native American (Indian) Territory and I grew up with so many stories surrounding horses. Sadly, as an adult, I couldn't tell you one. I'd have to seek them out through my old friend Google.

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  3. Horses are so beautiful and graceful.

  4. I enjoy watching wild horses galloping, they symbolize such a great freedom and beauty.