Monday, 4 April 2016

Cat as Power Animal

 The Great Teacher of Magic and Mystery; the cat lives totally in the moment with a deep psychic and spiritual awareness. Independent and unpredictable, agile of body and mind, a free thinker that meets challenges by perceiving the unseen.-One cannot own a cat; the cat will give and receive love only on its own terms.
At home in the dark of the night it is a valuable ally when encountering the supernatural and facing your primal fears. 
As the cats energy field flows opposite that of humans it has the healing ability to neutralize your negative energies. The healing energy cannot be taken from the cat, it is only given as a gift.
The cat teaches that the physical and spiritual worlds are not separate, but one. In ancient Egypt cats stood guard at the temple gates and throughout history cats have been seen as the protectors of the pathways to the sacred mysteries. (The Egyptian goddess-'Bastet'-takes the form of a cat. The Norse goddess 'Freyja' rides a chariot pulled by two cats)
 Note the colours and characteristics of your cat for that shall be mirrored in your life and will help you to understand the mysteries that your cat will reveal. (The cat's karmic sacrifice is being the victim of kick the cat.) 


 Cat Spirit often brings the warning of being the recipient of misdirected anger. -
Cats in the home often serve the role of healer and will sit near anyone in the household who needs healing, speeding the recovery period. 
A cat's purring can help reduce his owner's stress or anxieties.
 Cat purring can ease discomforts such as stomach pain, and also help boost immune systems. It is also important to pay attention to the health of your cat. Cats will often take on the symptoms of ailments being suffered by their humans.
 When this happens, appreciate their talents as diagnosticians, so take heed. Get your cat to the vet AND make an appointment for yourself to have a health checkup.


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