Monday, 25 April 2016

U is for Umbrellla Cockatoo

Cacatua alba -Pairi Daiza, Hainaut, Belgium-8a.jpg

Did not think I would find a creature beginning with 'U'.

It is appropriate for a Brit to discover one associated with umbrellas..

Cockatoo can be seen as a messenger of light at the end of the tunnel for anyone who is lost in their own personal darkness.
Cockatoo - A symbol of inquisitiveness, communication skills and unpredictability. 
When a cockatoo appears in a dream or meditation, it is indicating a need to work on your communication skills.
 As a totem or power animal, the cockatoo is there to teach you how to communicate in unpredictable ways.

Cockatoo's Wisdom Includes: 
Understanding the power of sunrise, ability to survive harsh conditions, communication skills, beauty.

I do love cockatoos and at times considering acquiring one, but do not act on that as it seems to be unkind to keep them in a cage.

Do you have an affinity with a bird ?

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