Tuesday, 3 January 2017

7 Huna Principles

The Seven Hawaiian Huna
Principles of Life:

IKE (ee-kay).
What we believe is what is real for us. Our ideas create our reality. The world is  what you think it is..
Another way of saying it is that our experience of reality is coming from the inside… from our experiences, our memories, our thoughts, beliefs, ideas, our desires and ambitions. Everything that we experience is phenomenological – which means, specific to ourselves.
 IKE means that our reality that we experience here during life is flavoured by all that we’ve experienced in the past and how the past has moulded our minds and personalities to be the way that we are.

There are no limits.
. That which we see as limiting, that which we fear we cannot overcome or surpass… exists in our minds only. If we want to accomplish something we can accomplish it, but we must quieten the mind . The limits of the mind are created by the past environment experienced while growing up as a child and adult. All experience contributes to the state of the mind , and it is through this mind that things are experienced and feared. The limits that we see are limits imposed on us by our own minds and are not factual limits imposed by the universe, or something outside of ourselves.
 If we don’t change what we think are limits – then we never fully enjoy life outside the confines of what our own minds limit us to. If we don’t surpass the limits we live a generic life that could not compare to a life without limits.

Energy flows where attention goes. Wherever there is a flow of energy and attention, events are created. This is a fundamental principle of creating results. Attention + Energy + Ideas + Action = Results. 
Wherever your attention is, there is your life. If you focus on your business with the majority of your time then your business is the area of life where you will create the most events and results, both positive and negative. If your focus is primarily on your family life, then that is where energy flows and events are born.
You can choose to change your focus.

Now is the moment of power. The past and future hold no real power because there is nothing we can do with either one of them. 
Act now. All the power for changing your life exists only in the immediate present. There is no other time. It’s an abstract concept.
Try this  exercise. Try to keep your attention in the present for just one minute. Can you do that? No thoughts about the future, just experience what you are doing right now – for one minute.
Aloha means many things, but in one word perhaps it’s best described as “love”. Love is happiness. Aloha is a caring for others as well as or as much as for your own self. It’s an unselfish love, 
Mana is power or energy. All power comes from within. Hawaiian belief is that Mana is the name for the one source of all the power that exists in the universe. This power is universal and flows through not only us, but through animals and plants, the foundation of the earth, the skies and planets, and everything that we know exists. It’s a life energy . This Mana flows through us and gives us the power to do what we believe we can do. The power to do anything that we decide to do and that we take action towards.
Effectiveness is the measure of truth. A method, a plan, certain actions, when put in motion may work. If they work, that is all you need to be concerned with. There are many ways to do  things. . 

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