Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Wanting Someone Else to Stop Doing Something

 Wanting Someone Else to Stop Doing Something
We waste a lot of energy wanting others to stop what they’re doing. Although we should stick up for what is right for us, trying to stop others from doing what they’re doing causes us to forget taking care of ourselves. This is often a no-win situation. In this release we let go of wanting someone to stop what they’re doing and discover what’s beyond.

Tip: Instead of wanting to stop others from doing what they’re doing, let go of wanting to control them or help them find something else to do.

 When trying to guide someone in this way, it’s important to do it from love opposed to wanting to manipulate.
 If you do this from love you often help yourself as well as the other person. Either way, remember to keep letting go.

 Letting Go of Wanting to Escape
Most of us run from what we don’t like both externally and internally. This is especially true with our uncomfortable feelings. It is such a prevalent tendency that there are entire industries dedicated to it. A great way to keep ourselves stuck and keep our unpleasant feelings suppressed is to try to escape them. In this release we will dissolve our wanting to escape and learn how to embrace what we feel in this moment.

Tip: When you find yourself wanting to run away or hide from your feelings, know that you have a choice. If you are really overwhelmed it may be appropriate to give yourself time to just escape. However, when you are ready you can break through whatever issue is causing the inner discomfort by choosing to let go of wanting to escape and allowing yourself to look directly at what is actually here. The more you do this the more you take charge of your life and the better you feel.

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