Wednesday, 20 November 2019

The experience of soul retrieval varies from person to person.

The experience of soul retrieval varies from person to person. 

Some experience soul retrieval as life-changing: a sensation of being filled up, a tingling or a heat.

 Others feel a subtler impact. Often a much greater effect is felt some hours or days  after the soul retrieval than immediately after the work ..

The shift in your life can be subtle.

 Some clients have reported that they felt very little at the time but found that they felt more solid in themselves, less tired, more sure of their choices and path following a soul retrieval. Things that would have been nearly impossible seem more straightforward after a soul retrieval.

In terms of emotional impact, soul retrieval is very gentle. Even when parts are lost due to severe trauma, they come back unharmed.

When I do a soul retrieval for someone, I always do a healing for that aspect before it is returned.
It brings back energy and gifts..helping you to say yes to life.

 After a soul retrieval, people often want downtime, to reflect and just be with themselves. If people have a strong emotional response to soul retrieval, it’s almost invariably one of  joy and celebration. “Dark night of the soul” work and emotional catharsis are valuable, but they are not generally part of the soul retrieval experience.

Because soul retrieval is so gentle, people are sometimes surprised by how much of an impact it has.

 Afterwards you may find it much harder to accept situations where you are not being honoured, regardless of the economic or emotional advantages of being in that place.

A soul retrieval has the potential to put you on the fast track of interpersonal growth.

Soul retrieval makes the recipient stronger, more complete, and harder to control or manipulate. 

Some people benefit from more than one soul retrieval session.

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