Tuesday, 16 February 2021

What goes on in a remote shamanic session?

 We find out what has not been happening that you do want, or what is happening that you don't want.

 People have a  shamanic journey to address many things, such as relationship issues, feeling stuck, wanting to move forward, wanting to feel happier in life, or more complete.

As we do this it becomes clear as to the point of focus in the journey..soul retrieval, healing, removing blocks to power etc


You don't always have to have a problem to benefit from a session..many artists and musicians book a journey to enhance creativity and success in their line of work


Some people arrange a distant session to heal their family line

Once we have our focus,  you can go about your life  and  Zannie follows guidance as to the timing of the journey.

Drumming guides Zannie into an altered state where she visits the lower world, upper world, or middle world and takes notice of  what she sees, hears, feels during the journey, which she performs  with the assistance of  her power animals and spirit allies

She may find soul parts, a power animal, a healing object or a power object for you.

You may also have unhelpful energies cleared from your energy body.

Any parts that return, or power animals for you, are blown into your energy field, and rattled in for integration.

This is done remotely


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Fee is £60


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