Wednesday, 17 February 2021

The Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point.

I first came across the Assemblage Point when I got interested in Toltec teachings.

The Assemblage Point is the main place where our energy field connects with our physical body. 
It is is directly connected with our life force energy.
The Assemblage Point lies in the centre of the chest at the nipple line and is slightly higher on women than men. At this point lines of energy pass through the chest and out of the back.
The Assemblage Point is really a cluster of energy lines. Where these energy lines enter the chest there is often a tender or sensitive area .
The clustering of lines of energy at the Assemblage Point creates a stronger energy potential compared to other areas of the energy field.
Infrared digital t image scanners show that the Assemblage Point has a temperature 0.2 of a degree lower than the surrounding skin.
The position of the Assemblage Point has a direct effect on our physical and psychological health. When the Assemblage Point is well  aligned we will feel positive and happy. We are healthy and interact well with others.
When the Assemblage Point is out of alignment we may feel unwell or anxious. We may be lacking in energy and feel that life is constant struggle.
Any sudden or prolonged stress can shift the Assemblage Point off centre. eg
  •   Emotional Trauma
  •   Violent Attack
  •   Intimidation
  •   Accidents
  •   Giving Birth
  •   Drug Use 
  •   Shock
  •   Operations
  •   Prolonged Illness
The Position of the Assemblage Point
If the Assemblage Point moves down to the liver area a person may experience depression and constant fatigue. This position is common in people with ME.
If the Assemblage Point moves upwards a person may display manic behaviour. With some people the Assemblage Point can split in two leading them to swing between mania and depression.


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