Monday, 16 May 2016

J is for Jay

Jay,-- (The word jay comes from the Latin word Gaea,for Mother Earth)  Jay spirit bestows an understanding of how to use power wisely, warning, courage, ability to check on future trouble spots, Jay’s show us how to use personal power correctly and effectively, reminding us to pay attention and to not allow ourselves to be put in a situation where power is misused against us. Jays symbolise huge talent, but this talent must be developed and used correctly. (See also "Blue Jay" above)

Gray Jay -- Thievery, trickery. (The Gray Jay only exists in North America, so its mythology is completely North American.) It has been equated with the Algonquin crane spirit 'Wisakedjak', which gave rise to its name 'Whiskey Jack'. Wisakedjak was a trickster figure responsible for a great destroying flood and for creating the world with magic. He was a master thief and loves to play tricks on people. The Algonquin natives so hated his thieving that if they caught a Gray Jay, they would pluck it alive if they could catch it. To the Cree, while still a thief and trickster he is seen as a psychopomp type of divine figure. They love to pull pranks but it's done with such good humor that they are always forgiven for their transgressions
  • Stellar's Jay -- Lessons of adaptation to any situations and learning quickly. Risk taking, seizing opportunities and discovering new avenues for exploration. It demonstrates risk taking, seizing opportunities and discovering new avenues for exploration. Stellar's Jay also demonstrates that anything of value, spiritual growth and relationships takes work … and a bit of cunning, as they are very adept at stealing from campers and picnicers when their backs are turned.
  • Western Scrub Jay,(California Jay and Long-Tailed Jay) -- Unusual yet functional family units, scrub wisdom and connection to scrub spirits, theft and appropriation, urban wisdom, growth in urban areas, material wealth, saving something for later, delayed gratification, adapting and learning, great intelligence

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