Saturday, 21 May 2016

K is for Kangaroo

Kangaroo comes into your life to tell you that even though situations look grim, or support may be sparse, you possess all the qualities to be a warrior and fight for what is necessary in order to nourish you. Protection of the young, creating a safe environment, leaping from bad situations, kangaroo only moves forward and never backwards
  • Grey Kangaroo -- (Urban Warrior ) Fertility and simplicity. Plant and Herb wisdom. An urban connection to Native wisdom and pastures, meadows, and plains. Co-operation with the family and it's hierarchy.The multi-tasking mother
  • Red Kangaroo--- (Desert Warrior) Desert wisdom and the endurance to survive in harsh climates. Assessing obstacles instinctively. Postponing childbirth
  • Tree Kangaroo -- Seeing the Big Picture by observing life. 
  • Energy work and breath-work. 
  • Communicating lightly (through whispering or quiet words), Multi-tasking at your own pace, learning from little (a word or shape, instead of having something explained in detail). 
  • Power in the spirit-world

Are you curious about your power animal?

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